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Worth a transplant

In response to Marj Adams's review of the organ donation teaching resource pack distributed by the Scottish Executive, I would like to say that I found this an exceptionally good teaching resource which slotted in well to my existing courses for senior students.

I did not feel it required to be further developed into lesson plans and feel most experienced teachers would have no problem in using the material as it stands.

I agree with her point about the weird use of text in transition shots.

Like Marj I cannot understand the thinking behind this and found it irritating and deflected slightly from the otherwise excellent video.

With regard to the pack being propaganda, I cannot agree with that at all.

My senior students found that it gave them the facts to engage in an open and honest discussion about the issues and surely that was the intention. I found the young people appreciated being presented with the relevant facts and then being allowed to form their own opinion.

If the pack was meant to be propaganda, I'm delighted to say it failed miserably. If on the other hand it was meant to stimulate dialogue, it achieved its goal.

Robert Burnett Moira Terrace Edinburgh

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