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Jack Kenny gets to grips with the latest raft of book and CD-Rom releases dedicated to the implementation of ICT

Developing ICT: Whole School Curriculum

The IT Learning Exchange, pound;29

ISBN 1 85377 3344

Curriculum development doesn't just happen. This book, aimed at primary schools, helps teachers develop "an approach to curriculum development that creates opportunities for knowledge acquisition and the development of expertise". Based on work done in schools, the book outlines a strategic approach to classroom practice and professional development and contains outline development plans, implementation plans, curriculum maps and schemes of work. It deserves credit for collecting all this information into a single, accessible format.

Practical ICT Classroom Activities Year: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

IT Learning Exchange, pound;35 each

Tel: 020 7753 5092

Much of the work for this six-volume series from the highly rated IT Learning Exchange was developed as part of its New Opportunities Fund training brief. Covering spreadsheets, databases, LOGO, searching and the internet, the chapters are set out in an attractive manner by authors who have clearly used activities in the classroom with children, and teachers are taken through tasks step by step. The presentation is exemplary, too. All in all, this is splendid stuff.

Teaching and Using ICT in the Secondary School

Terry Russell, David Fulton Publishers, pound;16

ISBN 1 85346 670 0

It's hard to work out who this is aimed at. Experienced ICT teachers will find its observations state the obvious and while beginners will gain something they will need a great deal more detail. Contrary to its title, only half of the book focuses on secondary school and there are short sections on teacher training, FE and primary schools. Worse, for a book published so recently there are major gaps in content, such as the impact of managed services.

Internet: The Impact on our Lives

Ian Graham Hodder Children's Bks, pound;11.99

ISBN 07502 27710

Some of the issues raised by ICT are central to society and this 64-page volume explores some of them: net crime, education, shopping, entertainment and future developments. It has a clear sense of its secondary student audience and is attractively produced. Part of a series called 21st Century Debates, it will certainly provide material for discussion. A must for the school library or ICT room.

ICT for GCSE Tim Roderick and Geoff Rushbrook

Oxford, book and CD-Rom, pound;11, site licence pound;350

ISBN 019 832816 8

The complete course takes advantage of all the technology - it is produced as a book, website and CD-ROM - and is well worth considering. It is up to date, has good coverage, is attractively produced and the work is focused and practical. All the exam boards have been covered and students will find the work relevant and stimulating.

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