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Writing resources

Resources for varied writing activities across Key Stages


Write about the picture

A useful time saver featuring a wide selection of pictures for children to write about

The Christmas story - colouring amp; writing booklets

Resources for practising handwriting combined with fun colouring activities

Post Office role play

Useful writing templates for use in a post office themed activity

Key Stage 1

Research amp; report writing frame

Worksheet for pupils to use in their writing as part of a research activity

Improving sentences

Presentation to develop use of punctuation and vocabulary

The Gruffalo

Worksheets to encourage use of adjectives and improve grammar

Key Stage 2

Speech sandwich

Adaptable resource to help pupils remember the important elements of writing speech

Writing checklists

Eye catching checklists covering a wide range of writing topics such as discussion, recount and interviews

Improving writing

Selection of resources for use in story writing - covering basic grammar and narrative skills

Key Stage 3

Persuasive writing

Teaching and revision aid covering all techniques used in persuasive writing

APP in English - Writing

Assessment aid for teachers including slides for use in lessons

Writing to describe - creative writing

Comprehensive collection of presentations and worksheets for use with novel `Stone Cold'

Key Stage 4

Of Mice and Men - essay writing

Booklet for planning and writing exam essays to help students improve their grades

Improving writing through varying sentence structure

A mnemonic to help students improve the way they begin sentences, use relative pronouns and vary punctuation

Descriptive writing

Powerpoint lessons to encourage pupils to create and assess stimulating descriptive pieces

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