Wrong to blame delegated budgets

I AM writing to correct some serious misunderstandings arising from the article, "National service for youth music".

The paper referred to in the article, "The Framework for a National Music Service", says quite clearly that "access to LEA music teaching is in turmoil". There is a world of difference between this and the statement quoted in your article, "music teaching is in an appalling mess".

We have never argued that the provision of instrumental music teaching should be self-funding. What the paper says is that the proposed administrative body should be self-funding.

We have never said that music services have declined or developed piecemeal because of local management of schools. We identified two factors that have caused a crisis in music services - the movement of money away from LEA control and the Government's tightening grip over the public sector borrowing requirement.

We have nothing but enormous respect and admiration for colleagues in the music teaching profession and I hope this puts the record straight.

Larry Westland CBE

Executive director

Music for Youth

102 Point Pleasant

London SW18

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