Skip to main content is an official-looking British Council website that aims to promote reading of UK literature worldwide. It has lots of dense, visually unappealing material on how to set up reading groups and what you might do in them as well as rather more engaging "what to read next" sections for adults, young adults and children. Some of the material on individual children's books is written with adults in mind, but the invitations to read, review and discuss a wide range of books may well appeal to already motivated readers. The bookfinder section for 12 to 18-year-olds (there's also one for under-12s) sorts novels into "imaginative" and "reality" categories which prompts brain-aching dilemmas: David Almond (pictured), for example, is filed under "imaginative" for Kit's Wilderness, Skellig and The Fire-Eaters, and under "reality" for Counting Stars and Heaven Eyes, but there's no obvious route between the listings.

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