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Wycombe - Council at war over new track

Wycombe councillors are fighting their own authority over plans to build an athletics track at Sir William Ramsay School in Hazlemere, High Wycombe.

The secondary school, which already has a beauty salon and catering facility, is to host the new track, which will be moved from Wycombe Sports Centre on Marlow Hill.

Plans have faced opposition amid fears that the 100-spectator stand will cause traffic congestion, parking issues and destroy the natural habitat.

Councillor Gaffney, the member for Hazlemere North, told the Wandsworth Guardian: "We won't give up. We might even be hounded out or deselected, but I believe that we are elected by residents so we should represent our electorate."

Gaynor Comber, headteacher of Sir William Ramsay, said: "As you can imagine, the benefits of an all-weather sports track for 1,040 pupils are astronomical.

"I am aware some residents are upset with the way the council has dealt with the planning, but many people are excited about the positive outcomes it can have - it keeps youths off the streets." gl.

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