Xmas News Quiz

1 What's most depressing about l'affaire Blunkett a that Mr Morality apparently doesn't know how to use a condom?

b Or he rates Michael Howard over Jack Straw?

2 Would Blunkett have avoided all his problems if he'd carried an ID card?

3 What exactly do they put in thewater at The Spectator, anyway?

4 If terrorism posed an "existentialist" threat in 2004, will it go Situationist in 2005?

5 How does a decorated war hero end up looking soft on terrorism, anyway?

6 Charlie Kennedy on EastEnders: exactly who is doing who a favour?

7 And are you sick yet of amusing stocking fillers that tell you that should have been "whom"?

8 Would Jarvis going bust finally convince the Government that PFI is a really bad idea?

9 Why did the David Kelly medics wait 18 months to come forward?

10 How clever is it to make drinkers choose between fags and food?

11 Will we ever find a use for Geoff Hoon?

12 Can 2005 possibly get any worse?

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