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Yale College's positive role

I was disappointed to find that Yale College, Wrexham, had been portrayed in a negative way in "Boom time for adult learning advances" (TES, March 29).

In 1994, Yale College was asked to take part in the pilot of the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education "Towards Inclusion" staff development pack.

The learning support team chose to pilot sections on policy and action planning from the pack, as we were about to review and update our policy documentation anyway, to keep pace with changes brought about in the formation of the new Yale College.

Yale College had been identified for the pilot as a college which had considerable experience of inclusive educational provision for students with learning difficulties andor disabilities, and we were regarded as having commendable good practice, to share with others.

To describe Yale College as being 'revolutionised' after being involved in the pilot, and to suggest that provision had been unsatisfactory before using the NIACE pack is misleading.

Quotation, taken out of context from a NIACE workshop presentation, may wrongly suggest that Yale College, had not made clear plans until using this pack.

Only workshop discussion regarding areas where development is still currently needed, has been reported.

I can appreciate that your reporter could only provide an edited version of events, but I had expected a more balanced representation of the workshop, and a more positive account of a college which took the time to work with NIACE in promoting inclusive education for all.

DEBREA LEWIS Learning Support (SLDD) co-ordinator Yale College Wrexham Clwyd

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