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On yer bike!

MAYBE Taw Stagg should buy a push bike? ("Congestion fee forces teachers to quit jobs", TES, January 10). Battersea to Lambeth is hardly any great distance and there are some fabulous cycle panniers on the market in which she could transport all the things she has to carry. I live in Hackney and commute the six miles to my Westminster school every day; hurrah for the congestion charge - it will discourage unnecessary journeys such as Ms Stagg's and, with luck, encourage everyone to try alternative forms of transport, thus making London a cleaner, safer place. And as for the idea of offering parents a 90 per cent discount on the charge, how absurd! The one or two-mile school run is exactly the kind of trip that the congestion charge seeks to challenge. Wake up!

Emma Walkers

27A Queensdown Road

Clapton, London E5

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