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Yes, yes, yes. No, no, no

Splendid proof of progress for the Scottish Executive's assessment drive reaches us from an infant class.

On the theme of "taking charge of my learning", youngsters had to fill in a questionnaire, helped by their reading buddies who read out the questions and recorded their answers. This is the IT age, so the answers were to be entered electronically and the class trooped up to the computer suite.

The question under consideration was how do you know how well you are getting on? Possible answers included: "the teacher tells me"; "ticks in my jotter"; "comments in my jotter"; and "stickers in my jotter".

The children had to say which ones applied to them. Stephen and his buddy Pete got started. He read the question, then went through the options one at a time.

"Teacher tells me" - Stephen answers yes.

"Ticks in my jotter" - yes.

"Comments in my jotter" - yes.

"Stickers in my jotter" - Stephen says yes, then pipes up: "Pete, what's a jotter?" Assessment is indeed for learning.

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