Yo! R Kelly is hipper than you think

Ruth Kelly, the new Education Secretary, is one of those people whose accomplishments can induce nausea: economics writer for the Guardian by the age of 22, deputy head of a division of the Bank of England at 26, an MP at 29, a minister at 33 and finding time to have four children before joining the Cabinet at 36. But is there a sideline that our sensibly-shoed head-girl is hiding? The Diary can't help noticing that, at number 18 in the RB album chart, is one "R Kelly". Kelly also bestrides the rap scene, and has sold more than 24 million albums though has recently been thrown off fellow star Jay-Z's tour (which may explain the availability for the education job).

Here's a taste of one of Kelly's ditties, "Feeling on Yo Booty": "This is my song for real, no doubtSaid the DJ's making me feel it outAs I walk you to the dance floorWe begin to dance slowPut your arms around meI'm feelin' on yo booty." Is "R Kelly" our Kelly? We asked Ruth "Feeling on yo booty" Kelly's office about her double life but, curiously, received no reply!

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