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Alie (adj)

Alie (adj)

Means I agree with your very cogent argument I feel I have made a very cogent argument and want to seek agreement

Usage Boy 1: "This class is so boring" Boy 2: "Alie" Boy 1: "This class is so boring, alie?"

While some scholars may weep that "innit" now appears in the Oxford English Dictionary, take solace in the fact that it will be a good few years before this successor appears alongside it. Deriving from Jamaican slang that literally turns the words "a lie" (as in "no word of a lie") into a singular sound, "alie" is pronounced "al-eye". It is the latest in yoof terminology to say the opposite of what it seems, such as outdated sayings "wicked" (good) or "well bad" (even better), and in turn means, "Are you joking?" No, they are not.

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