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Par (nv)

Par (nv)

Mean: Something bad that happens to someone, leading to a feeling of demoralisation

Usage: (n) "That's a par, man"(v) "Steve just got parred"

"Hard done by" is, in many cases, the default setting of the yoof of today: not enough pocket money, too much homework, chronic acne that could corrode a fridge. So they, in turn, need an extensive vocabulary to vocalise exactly how wronged they are, kind of like Inuits and snow, but with more whining and infinitely more words. "Par" is one such term, often used when a pupil has been on the end of an insult of some kind or simply ignored. It is thought to derive from faux pas, the French for "false step", though we would like to meet the yoof responsible for such a bastardised shortening, if only to congratulate them on their pronunciation.

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