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P (n)

P (n)

Meaning: Money

Usage: "My Saturday job at Netto doesn't pay enough P"

With mobile phone bills to pay and plant food to buy (for their geranium's own personal use, of course), cash money has never been so important to the patrons of Yoofland. So important, and used so regularly, in fact, that it has been reduced to an iconic, solitary letter in the playground lexicon for quick and easy use. However, the rather unfortunate slang abbreviation of "paper" (as in pound notes) to "P" obviously has other connotations, so can easily slip under even the most delicately calibrated teacher radar. So remember: if you hear of a pupil "taking the P", chances are it's not just some harmless rib-pokery, but an on-site mugging. To the head's office with them ...

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