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Cod (noun)

Cod (noun)

Means: Catch-all acronym for the Call Of Duty video game series

Usage: "I'm so tired, I stayed up all night playing Cod with Paul"

Video games - scourge of the yoof, scrambler of brains and fuel for epic homework procrastination. Or so says the accepted wisdom, despite those annoying "facts" and "statistics" actually disproving the first two points quite comprehensively. The third is undeniable, though, with Activision's Call Of Duty shooter series one of gaming's Distractors In Chief. But while the individual games have varying subtitles (the last one was Modern Warfare 2, the next is Black Ops), they are known collectively as Cod (like the fish), and are most popular in their online multiplayer form, where pupils wreak semi-automatic machine-gun havoc in varyingly beautiful, virtual locales with friends far and wide over the internet. Kind of like paintball, but with added headsets and far less bruising. It is what passes for a social life nowadays, don't you know? Makes you yearn for the days when bags under the eyes and inability to focus were the results of hard drugs and promiscuous living ...

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