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Chongchung (adj)

Chongchung (adj)

Means: The state of being so attractive or tasty that it demands public recognition

Usage: "Miss Taylor is well chong, innit?""Mmm, Nando's is so chong"

And you thought you were just getting your feet under the table with "peng", didn't you? Alas, the language of Yoofland is a constantly evolving beast that insists on living under the old adage: "Why have one word for anything when ten will do?" Chong - which can also be pronounced "chung" - is the buzz word for stating how good looking someone is, but can also, in a maverick bit of multi-tasking, be used to comment on the culinary excellence of the school cook. All rather above board when you consider it derives from the Hawaiian word for cannabis, as immortalised in the Cheech and Chong films. Good to see that the Yoof is again reclaiming the words on the streets for far more wholesome usages. Or not, depending on your school's cook.

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