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Shower (adj)

Means: Good

Usage: "That music's well shower, man"

Could a word mean such different things to different people? While teachers of a certain age use "shower" away from the classroom (well, at least as far as the staffroom) as slang for rubbish ("6B are a right shower, they're awful"), the Yoof have taken it on in completely the opposite direction. Quelle surprise.

Rather depressingly, though, it's not as playful as the adult version, originating from a notoriously violent Jamaican Yardie gang's monicker - either the Shower Posse or Showerman Crew, depending on what bars you drink in - much in the same way that "gangster" somehow became a positive proclamation of pupil affirmation. Advanced mathematics just doesn't have that same dangerous allure, it seems. "Yeah man, the party was well trig."

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