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Boakboke (n)

Boakboke (n)

Means: Vomit

Usage: "That new girl is well ugly, she gives me the boak"

Dangerous, gun-toting Jamaican Yardie gangs have long been shapers of the widening vocabulary of Yoofland, so it's nice to see an unfashionable fat Scot with a string vest and braces get in on the parlance action. Popularised for a previous generation by BBC's ranty stereotype Rab C Nesbitt, "boak" derives from Scottish and Northern Irish slang and was traditionally used to describe the gagging feeling before actual vomiting took hold. Of course, the Yoof have changed that to mean the actual act, and occasionally tweak the spelling, too, just to confuse everyone. No one ever accused the Yoof of being sticklers for subtlety or accuracy, after all.

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