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Poke (v)

Poke (v)

Means: Unspecified (and open to interpretation)

Usage: Girl A: "Darren just poked me!"Girl B: "No way! You going to poke him back?"

As film director David Fincher's telling of the Facebook story, The Social Network, hits the big screen amid much acclaim, the friend-collecting website and, in turn, its questionable, almost unquantifiable, act of "poking" is on everyone's lips. The "poke" service allows users, with the push of a button, to alert other users to their presence. That's all it does. The Facebook for Dummies guidebook says that it is to tell people you are thinking of them, but it is an action so vague that it leaves the meaning open to interpretation. But with vanity and hormones prevailing in the young, "poking" has become synonymous with flirting. If you have a class Facebook group, best leave that button unclicked.

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