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Prang (adj)

Means: Scared

Usage: "You see Dev in the head's office? He's proper prang"

The evolution of slang, and in turn Yoofspeak, can be a fascinating journey, the way one nonsensical word can suddenly mean something else, equally nonsensical, overnight. And nine times out of 10, it's because of drugs. "Prang" was previously used only in the context of smashing up cars ("I had a prang in my Fiat Uno last night"), but London drug culture quickly turned this mental image of a "wreck" into a term for feeling paranoid and worse for wear due to excessive drug intake. Now, through the playground's incessant, unsavoury and strangely aspirational devouring of all terms of a druggy persuasion, it has become a catch-all for any kind of fear or apprehension in a multitude of circumstances. Either that or the kids are all just on drugs, all of the time. No, we are sticking with the "aspirational" explanation ...

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