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Wasteman (n)

Wasteman (n)

Means: A worthless or unreliable person of the male persuasion.

Usage: "Dave's dropped out, he's a wasteman""I knew you'd mess that up, Gregory, you're a wasteman"

Not many words cut deeper than being called a "loser" in the playground - that alone is an insult to be defended with the same fervour as when the reputation of one's mother is being sullied. Yet "wasteman" raises it up a notch, a hasty abbreviation of the not-so-catchy "man who is a waste of space". It describes not just someone who fails to live up to expectation on one occasion, but who consistently does so little of value with his life it makes his peers wonder exactly what the point of his existence is. And yes, it is just "his" existence. In the world of Yoofspeak, female wasters have a charming monicker all of their own: "wastegash". We hope that doesn't need explaining.

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