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B (n)

Means: Friend

Usage: "Hey B, wassup?"

Anyone looking for a prevailing trend in Yoofspeak will soon crash head-on into the brick wall that is "laziness". After all, most of the terms held to the warm bosom of the playground are abbreviations, acronyms and general subversions of language considered overly complicated by the sub-standards of texts and emails. These are the words of the young, and the young like them simple - so simple that sometimes anything more than a single letter just won't do. In fact, so many terms of endearment begin with the letter B ("brother", "bro", "boy", "bruv", "breh") that it is now used in their place, as a kind of slang shortcut. After all, nothing says "you're one of my bestest friends" more than spending as little time as possible on greeting them.

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