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Endz (n)

Endz (n)

Means One's home - be it a house, street or area

Usage Boy A: "What endz you from?"

Boy B: "I iz from Tooting"

Boy A: "Where me meeting tonight?"

Boy B: "At my endz"

Where the shortening of neighbourhood to "hood" was once the preserve of gangsta rappers and, in turn, easily impressionable youths wanting to "represent" a random place they happened to live in, it's now just sadly the stuff of parents and teachers sounding woefully out of date. Endz is now where it's at, and where your pupils are at when not working themselves tirelessly to the bone under your tutelage. Formerly just slang for money ("I can't afford it, bruv, got no endz"), deriving from "to make ends meet", it's become more commonly used for locational purposes, reportedly coming from a simple shortening of "my end of town".

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