You don't have to be mad to teach . . .

Will anyone admit that teaching is a fantastic job? On completing my degree course three years ago, I resisted pressure to go straight into a post-graduate certificate in education course because I was not completely sure that it was the career for me.

I taught unqualified while I was doing my degree so I have a fairly clear idea of what will be required of me. Now that I am absolutely positive teaching is right for me and vice versa, I am eager to embark on a PGCE and to fulfil my desire to teach.

In my quest for advice, I have spoken to a number of friends who work in education, and all they can say is: "You would be great but you must be mad" or words to that effect. They then proceed to rattle off what I have come to expect to be the usual patter about long hours, pitiful salaries, and so on. When I found the article by Chrysta Garnett recounting her PGCE experiences (TES, August 15) I was filled with anticipation. I expected something more positive than aliens and debt.

It would be fabulous for someone just to say: "Teacher? What a wonderful vocation!"


Prospective PGCE applicant 25 Eastdown Park London SE13

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