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You must remember this - aka the totally unmissable TES 2010 quiz

From teacher tellings off to pop group patronage, quizmistress Irena Barker combines the finest things in teaching this year for our brainteaser.

From teacher tellings off to pop group patronage, quizmistress Irena Barker combines the finest things in teaching this year for our brainteaser.

1. Civil servants were left red-faced after it was revealed that Buster's World, a homepage of the Directgov government website providing educational resources, had the same name as what?

a. A gay balloon fetish website

b. A dog accessories website

c. An online gardening supplier

2. What did technology teacher Geraint Lloyd Jones plant in a colleague's bag, earning him a reprimand from the General Teaching Council for Wales?

a. A replica Nazi uniform

b. A fake bomb

c. A cat

3. Why did Noah's Ark Zoo Farm in Wraxall, near Bristol, court controversy in July when it earned the "Learning Outside the Classroom" quality badge?

a. Because it failed to ensure visitors washed their hands after touching the pigs

b. Because it was feared its pigs might offend local Muslims

c. Because it supported creationist views

4. Which successful pop duo did education secretary Michael Gove compare himself and former Labour education minister Kevin Brennan to in a Commons debate in November?

a. Erasure

b. Pet Shop Boys

c. Flight of the Conchords

5. Civil servants admitted this year that "bad business management" meant some schools were spending as much as pound;250,000 on what?

a. Photocopiers

b. Staff cocktail parties

c. Headteachers' office chairs

6. Where did ambitious teacher Jodie Collins take her whole south London primary school - including 1,100 pupils and their parents - on the ultimate school trip in the summer?

a. The Maldives

b. The British Museum

c. Margate

7. What proportion of A-level exams received A* grades last summer?

a. 4.9 per cent

b. 12 per cent

c. 8.1 per cent

8. What did Ashmount Primary School in Islington, north London, do to help its pupils improve at maths?

a. Doubled the number of maths teachers working at the school

b. Set a tough regime of nightly homework

c. Outsourced one-on-one tuition to India

9. Who was at the helm of the schools appeals panel in Blackburn branded the "worst ever"?

a. A 20-year-old imam

b. A retired jockey

c. A hairdresser

10. Eton headmaster Anthony Little said this year that in a perfect world there would be no need for what?

a. Michael Gove

b. Independent schools

c. Boys' schools

11. Who was refused entry to Hartlepool Sixth Form College because they didn't have the correct identification confirming they had passed Criminal Records Bureau checks?

a. Two dinner ladies

b. Two Ofsted inspectors

c. Two strippers hired to wish the headmaster a happy birthday

12. What did state boarding school heads want permission to serve pupils in their canteens this year?

a. Lobster thermidor

b. Raw eggs

c. Cakes and biscuits

13. Teacher Teresa Simkins was reprimanded by the General Teaching Council for England for getting pupils to send "get well" cards to whom?

a. Barack Obama

b. A convicted murderer

c. Ed Balls

14. Which website did the International Baccalaureate admit to using to produce large chunks of some of its marking guides?

a. Facebook

b. Bebo

c. Wikipedia

15. Which GCSE subject did Ofqual chief Isabel Nisbet say was "too easy" this year?

a. Science

b. Business studies

c. Drama

16. According to education secretary Michael Gove, whose salary should be the limit of what heads can earn?

a. Chris Moyles

b. David Cameron

c. The editor of The TES

17. Who created a media storm by suggesting that liberal teachers were afraid to discipline black boys because they feared being branded racist?

a. Nick Griffin

b. Katharine Birbalsingh

c. Morrissey

18. According to a TES investigation, how many teachers in England have been through competency proceedings in the past five years?

a. 3,253

b. 19,121

c. 75

19. Which company has won the right to offer degree-level training courses with Manchester Metropolitan University?

a. Google

b. Shell

c. McDonald's

20. Of what were pupils at Bassenthwaite Primary School in Cumbria encouraged to discuss the positive aspects as part of a lesson "icebreaker"?

a. Regular exercise

b. The X Factor

c. Guns.

Read the answers and find out how you fared

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