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You need luck to raise a fortune

We read the article about the entrepeneurial fund-raiser with excitement ("Thanks a million Mr Carter", TES, October 17). He says that his success is nothing to do with "local good fortune".

He suggests we approach estate agents and let them bid for a link from our website. Problem: our school is doing well, but our local houses tend to change hands via housing associations.

Could we run care facilities and "make pound;10,000 a year"? We do run a breakfast club, summer and after-school clubs, funded from various government sources. But we are not sure they would like the idea of us charging fees to disadvantaged pupils.

We could approach local businesses. Maybe, though, it is easier to obtain funding from businesses that would like to be associated with a school at the top of the league tables.

Mr Carter's PTA raises pound;20,000 in one year. Ours works very hard, but somehow we only seem to manage pound;400 or so.

To claim that "local good fortune" has nothing to do with his success is nonsense. Mr Carter, we think you are wonderful, but we challenge you to raise a million for our school.

Barbara Harborne, Headteacher Peter Clarke Chair of governors Finlay community school Finlay Road Gloucester

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