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You Poms can really teach!

ASI am returning to Australia after six months here, I would like to share my reflections on your education system.

I had the good fortune to be working at Pyrford Church of England primary school in Surrey last term, and know I could not have worked in a more professional and positive environment.

I was also able to spend a few days working in other schools in the Woking area.

In each school, I found staff to be 110 per cent dedicated. They were positive and enthusiastic, in spite of the constant (and sometimes overwhelming) demands of planning, assessments of pupils, self and peers, and observations by other professionals. At times, I felt the constant monitoring of thes excellent educators to be almost a slight upon their professional integrity, but in spite of the stresses caused by these intrusions upon the main and pleasurable business of teaching, the teachers rise to each challenge and excel.

Occasionally I have seen an excellent teacher succumb to the horrendous pressures intrinsic to teaching in the UK, and find respite in a less demanding career, but as a rule, UK teachers continue to reach the highest standards.

I remain in awe of UK teachers and their unbounded optimism and am grateful to have been part of such a dynamic team.

Dianne Dolman

125A Oakfield,

Goldsworth Park

Woking, Surrey

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