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Green light on peer assessment

What is it?

Cjcort has shared an easily modified peer-to-peer assessment task designed for a graphic products lesson.

What it offers

- A self-assessment starter that uses a traffic-light system for students to express their level of confidence with the subject.

- Clear learning objectives and a contents checklist, so that students have an overview of the unit and the expectations.

- Language and phrase prompts to help students to peer-assess each other accurately.

- A series of 10 animated questions on colourful backgrounds make the assessment process less intimidating, creating a "quiz" feel as opposed to the pressure of exam conditions.

- A mark-scheme grid with the objectives required to achieve each levels 3-6 assists students in their marking.

Why I like it

The perfect step-by-step peer assessment lesson enables students to develop individual learning skills while making assessment guidelines transparent to all. The responsibility of learning and assessment is passed back to the students, creating an adult environment in the classroom and allowing them to consider how to translate the often bewildering language of the mark scheme into high-quality work.

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