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Your chance to play Big Brother

May I suggest an amusing pastime to while away the long hours stretching ahead of us, now that the summer holidays are beckoning?

With a group of like-minded friends who work with you, imagine the staff within the Big Brother household (with larger schools you may have to work on subject groupings; in our junior school we are three-form entry, so copying the model of 12 inmates is no problem).


Decide who you would nominate first then chuck 'em out - it's as simple as that.

Not surprisingly, interesting and sometimes heated discussions ensue, especially if conducted over a bottle of chilled Chardonnay.

I can guarantee this provides endless fun, is very cheap to play and permutations can be developed: indeed it might be worthwhile for "players" to exchange and swap tips via your pages.

Sonia Case 4 Crofton Lane Orpington Kent

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