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Your #govefilms: 10 classic cinematic tales for the education secretary

Recently, we reported that one of education secretary Michael Gove's favourite films is Educating Rita. Intrigued by this, we asked the wise denizens of Twitter to suggest other films that might be suitable for Mr Gove, using the hashtag #govefilms. 

1. One Flew Over the QTS (as suggested by @JohnnySRich)

A newly-qualified teacher enters a school, only to find that those around him are untrained and only doing what they are told by the sadistic higher-ups. He tries to change their hopes, their motivations and their aspirations, but only ends up attracting the ire of the senior leadership team, who make sure that he is dealt with appropriately.



Starring Louise Fletcher as Nurse Michael Gove

2. Gove with the Wind (as suggested by @lorsoph)

The very long and very detailed retelling of this epic historical romance for a new educational landscape was controversially scrapped. Instead, a three-hour long version of this gif was placed in cinemas and became an unexpected half-term hit. It is currently breaking all known records for DVD pre-order sales.

via usvsth3m

Starring Vivien Leigh as Michael Gove’Hara

3. Wilshaw and I (as suggested by @Badheadteacher)

This cult comedy involves two extremely posh characters (who some consider arrogant) railing against life's injustices. To escape the pressures and strain of everyday life, the pair decide to go on holiday. Hilarity ensues. 



Starring Richard E Grant as Sir Michael Wilshaw and Paul McGann as "I"-chael Gove

 4. The Good, the Bad and the Requiring Improvement (as suggested by @68ron)

Two teachers search for the gold standard: an outstanding lesson. They're joined in their quest by a third man: a mysterious inspector, whose motives are suspect. Who will emerge triumphant?



Starring Lee Van Cleef as Sir Michael “Angel Eyes” Wilshaw

5. A League Table of Their Own (as suggested by @gdavis0)

A group of misfits are put together as a teaching staff. The man chosen to lead them is irritable and surly, often telling them that there is too much emotion among the team, that they are no good and that other teams are able to perform much better. Slowly, but surely, the group overcome misconceptions and scepticism to reign supreme in their league table, gaining each other's respect along the way.



Starring Tom Hanks as Michael Gove

6. Dead Poets Only Society (as suggested by @KatieLatie)

A teacher vainly tries to change attitudes in a land where traditional values, methods and poets are valued above all others. He fails. 


Starring Kurtwood Smith as Michael Gove

7. The Long Gove Friday

A kingpin in education policy making has his plans to make teachers stay late on Fridays (and Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, as well as occasionally at weekends and during holidays) thwarted by several unknown foes. The film sees him ruthlessly search for his antagonists, and he becomes increasingly paranoid that one of his own may have become involved with a group that has become his nemesis: The Enemies of Promise.


Starring Bob Hoskins as Michael Gove

8. An Inspector Calls (but not until midday the day before) (as suggested by @andidowsett)

A mysterious inspector arrives at a school and proceeds to interrogate the staff. Although he claims to have evidence of wrongdoing, the teachers can't actually understand why they've done anything wrong, as the criteria they're being judged under don't seem to match the criteria they're expecting. 

Starring Alastair Sim as Sir Michael Wilshaw

9. EBac to the Future (as suggested by @MrDJamieson)

A hip young thing from education present finds that, through some shenanigans, he appears to be stuck in education past. In order to make sure that his teaching career doesn't disappear forever, he must tinker with history (and other approved core subjects) before going (all together now...) EBac to the Future.


Starring Thomas F. Wilson as Michael “Biff” Gove

10. Django Untrained (as suggested by @eredarp

Deep in the Wild West, two trained teachers travel around the land, shooting down incompetence wherever they find it for a modest consultancy fee. But their way of life is threatened by a new school that has been opened up that allows anybody, regardless of qualifications, to teach others. Vowing to save their livelihood, the two travel down to confront the school owner with their greatest weapons: rhetoric and sarcasm. 


Starring Leonardo Di Caprio as Michael Gove

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