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In your own time What you're discussing on the TES forums this week

What can be considered 'irredeemably naff and awful' once you reach a certain age?

Kids who say 'sick' ... when they mean good - squashballs

Trousers with things printed on the arse - mrs maths

Teachers over 60 saying 'cool' - Cals

This week's poll

Is it realistic to expect 50% of young people to go to university?

Yes: 26.7%

No: 73.3%

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A Tesco director accuses British school leavers of having 'attitude problems' and no basic reading or writing skills because schools are drowning in red tape.

Why on Earth would you want to employ many of the Year 11s that you teach? I wouldn't let them near my house to do any work at all - Cyolba

Spot on, in my opinion. But how many politicians and leaders of regulatory bodies and quangos are prepared to accept well-considered opinions? - nomad

In the 'good old days', many floated from job to job until they found an employer or an industry that suited them and then they knuckled down and got on with it - adel ady

Disgust at the so-called 'British Fritzl' who impregnated his daughters 18 times and the social workers who failed to stop him.

Seriously, heads should roll. They need sacking at the very least or even slung in prison - Soapboxgirl

How could this have gone on happening without anyone realising what was going on and stopping it? It beggars belief - Lilyofthefield.

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