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Glitches? What glitches? Professional Update is on track

Clearly TESS operates a glass-half-empty policy these days. The headline "Glitches in the system could stall Update" (4 July) suggests mayhem and is followed by an article that outlines quite the opposite.

There are no glitches in the system of Professional Update. It will launch in August for all teachers in Scotland. As the research mentioned in the article outlines, the vast majority of teachers are already undertaking significant professional learning and this initiative will support them to continue doing so.

We fully accept that teachers will need to be supported in terms of time and resources to develop their professional learning, and we are committed to working with our partners in Scottish education to ensure that this takes place.

The working group that developed Professional Update was a broad church including representation from the teaching unions. And, as your article states, they have supported this system and been a significant driver for positive change as a result. Indeed, all the union officials quoted in your article have recognised the work undertaken by the General Teaching Council for Scotland in developing a system with a strong emphasis on professional review and development, and professional learning.

We can assure all teachers that Professional Update will launch in August and will be a positive development in Scottish education. So why the sensationalist headline?

Tom Hamilton

Director of education and professional learning, General Teaching Council for Scotland

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"Teaching is simple." Mmmm, really.numbercomplexity of decisions teachers make in a single lesson alone refutes that "insightful" claim.


As of next Tuesday I'm going to be a librarian again.


@Librarydotcolm You were never a librarian, you were always a dealer in knowledge, dreams and experiences.


OK, what kinda security question is "What is your least fav food?" Any ideas what mine might have been 3 years ago when I set up this account?


Study skills award today. University really does provide opportunities to develop. #strathBEd


Great step forward for women and girls in motor sport by Scotland's [Formula One test driver] @Susie_Wolff - congratulations!


"Education is great.but it's really my creativity that's taught me that I can be much more than what my education told me I am." [Artist] K K Raghava


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