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Short and tweet: referendum special

Tomorrow, let democracy win. Let us be mindful of others. And let us continue to push for a brighter future for Scotland, whatever the result.


A sight I have never seen in an election before: hordes of young people in school blazers going in to vote. As it should be.


Canny believe it, PEOPLE IN SPRINGBURN ARE QUEUEING UP TO VOTE!! Never been seen before :)


Constitutional chain reaction. Let the games begin.


Absolutely devastated.


Feel weirdly empty.


We have just voted for pound;9,000 tuition fees and limited social access.


On train to work in Glasgow. Complete silence, no banter.


It's over people. Thank god. Love everyone.


Fact of the day: more people voted No last Thursday than voted at all in 2011 Scottish Parliament election (2011 = 1,999,080 v 2014 = 2,001,926)


If any No voter is thinking of gloating when 1.6 million of our fellow citizens voted to quit our United Kingdom, think again.


Scotland's young people backed independence. They really are #GenerationYes.


My son has just left George Square after 30 hours in Glasgow. Had to walk through people burning

a Saltire and making Nazi salutes.


@ajcorrigan Young people like your son are our future. You must be incredibly proud to have a son who cares about others.


I worry that the 45 [per cent] movement limits push for change to those who were "right" first. What about the many who realise too late and want change too?


Memo to Yessers: to win progress we need to build a bridge between the 45 and the 55, not dig a trench.


@RichardKerley says we've already got quasi-judicial asymmetric federalism. Messy! #InRefBreakfast


"#indyref was about social issues, not constitutional technicalities" - a comment from our post-referendum breakfast audience.


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Tes Editorial

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