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Councils are pushing parents to the sidelines

We at the Scottish Parent Teacher Council have been concerned for some time that the financial pressures on local authorities are leading to direct reductions in services for children in schools ("Latest cuts could `lead to lost generation' ", News, 3 July).

Parents continue to tell us that councils are making decisions on cuts to services with little or no consultation, or very poor quality communication. The way in which authorities have presented information to the Scottish Parliament's Education and Culture Committee illustrates how difficult it is to get hold of comparable, intelligible figures that make it clear how money is being spent.

It is clear to us and our parent members that local authorities are often not communicating transparently and effectively with parents about the financial realities they are facing, or the options being explored. Parents inform us of direct reductions in services for children in schools, and we ourselves continue to see a "salami slicing" approach being taken.

In reality, parents know that councils are facing difficult choices - families are, too. However, they should be involved in the discussion around setting priorities and reshaping services for their children, not relegated to the role of spectator in an increasingly desperate attempt to slice and dice services.

Eileen Prior

Executive director, Scottish Parent Teacher Council

Short and tweet

Update Operation Wallacea [an environmental expedition]: last night we had dinner watching a 20-strong herd of elephants crossing the river. Wish you were here!


Well done to our pipe band who came fourth in the European Championships today.


It's going to be roasty toasty (poor literacy but you get the idea). Perfect for a white school shirt to reflect the rays.


P4 know that Mrs Campbell loves Strictly Come Dancing so they have prepared their own for her and she even has score cards. Will it be a 10?


Love it when I can justify buying posterspostcards with an "It's for my classroom, actually!"


P34s' Movie Dreams company ran a fantastic pop-up cinema yesterday. #enterprise


Sage thoughts from Sir Alasdair Macdonald [headteacher in London's Tower Hamlets]: "Where in your school are the photos of students who get a PhD?" #mcsconference


Our house martins have fledged. How do they do that? They must go: "Well, this is it, then. I'd better leap and learn fast on the way down."


Bonnes vacances!


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