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A-Z of Mandarin

Due to the high interest being shown in Access 3 level Mandarin and Cantonese, which were introduced as national qualifications by the Scottish Qualifications Authority this year, Learning and Teaching Scotland is developing support materials for use in classrooms from June next year.

The skills of reading, writing, talking and listening permeate the resources, which will be available to download - including mp3 audio files - from NQ Online.

Themes covered will be:

- lifestyles, with vocabulary on friends and family, sport and TV, and personal possessions; greetings; introductions; and names of buildings, directions and time;

- the wider world, covering transport and travel; food and drink;

- work - numbers (1-69), age and telephone numbers;

- education - school subjects, school timetable, how to say "I likedislike", time (minutes topast, midday, midnight), numbers (70-100), prices and dates.

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