Zone plans to scrap pay deal

I AM deeply concerned about Newham education action zone forum's plans to scrap the national pay and conditions of employment for teachers and the Lambeth zone's performance-related pay contracts (TES, November 13). Standards can be raised without riding roughshod over national agreements.

Simply paying a teacher in a "zone" more than one outside it does not make him or her a better teacher or solve the social or educational problems of areas such as Newham or Lambeth. If all teachers had the opportunity of higher salaries and better working conditions there would be no need to try and attract teachers to zones.

Why allow changes to the curriculum? If the national curriculum is as good as the Department for Education and Employment claims, why tinker with it? If the curriculum is too rigid and prescriptive, why not allow professional freedom in tailoring it outside zones?

Alan Manasseh Senior professional officer Professional Association of Teachers.

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