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Get revision tips and techniques from our experts and say goodbye to stress during exam season. Here you’ll find the best ways to help your pupils revise for their Sats, GCSEs or A levels and discover revision techniques that will keep your class motivated and on track to achieve their best results.

Whether you’re looking for memory techniques, last-minute revision tricks or tailored advice for revising maths, English or science, we have lots of ways to improve your revision sessions. Discover the latest revision news, search for revision resources or join the revision discussion on our forum. Whatever you’re looking for in the run up to exam season, you’ll find it here.

Revision resources

Board game for KS2 SATs revision

Helps children remember genres for reading and writing in KS2 SATs.
By buttonmoon78

Revision and recall in Years 12 and 13

Presentation delivered to Year 12 on memory, memory techniques and revision skills.
By petermorris2001

Revision Techniques

I can't take credit for the Word Document, as I downloaded from a different source myself, but the powerpoint is a great way to show and encourage pupils how to revise properly. Hope you find it helpful.
By Carkus

Command words/exam technique

A quick starter/plenary activity looking at command words for GCSE exams.
By IndigoandViolet

6 Mark Question Exam Technique

I used this PowerPoint in a lesson teaching exam technique, specifically for 6 mark questions. After writing their own answers, Then students were given the model answer scoring all 6 marks, and reflected individually on what was good about it. They brought their ideas together into table groups, identified a top 3 good features, and we wrote these on the board. Duplicate ideas were marked and we used this to agree a top 5 success criteria for 6 mark questions. Students then rewrote their original answer and explained to their partners how it had been improved.
By Sianio

Planning ahead for revision (Timetables)

I have developed this resource/ power point to lead a 25 minute session with year 11 students on planning revision. I have found that leading with humour on Monday mornings talking about revision really helped.
By ksmith88

Sats and primary assessment

Sats and primary assessment news, views and analysis

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