Jon Severs

The 9 research studies from 2019 you need to read


Thousands of research studies are published each year – but how do you figure out which ones are really worth your time and attention? Tes commissioning editor Jon Severs asked nine academics to pick one study from 2019 – and then asked them to explain exactly what those studies say and why they have the potential to change the way you teach for the better

Nine research studies from 2019

It’s the titles that are the first warning: often, they are a seemingly random selection of words – only 60 per cent of which you recognise – housed together in an impossibly long sentence.

If you get past that, you hit the abstract, which sucks you in with some simple lexical choices for approximately two lines before it descends into what appears to be someone randomly mashing the keyboard with their (admittedly well-educated) fist.

Plough on further and you finally hit the beast itself: the academic paper in all its glory. You fumble through it like you’re drunk and searching for your ...

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