Kate Parker

Climate change: are FE colleges doing enough?


While concerns about the coronavirus pandemic dominate, the ecological crisis threatening the planet has not gone away. With the introduction of its Climate Action Roadmap, the FE sector is at the vanguard of carbon-emission reduction. But are we doing enough? Kate Parker reports

Climate change: are FE colleges doing enough?

Today’s further education students face a problem. It’s something that will have an impact on the jobs they go on to have and the way they live their lives – and no, it isn’t Covid-19.

Before the pandemic, climate change and the ecological emergency that our world is facing were being recognised as major threats to humanity. Young people were at the forefront of this movement (remember the student strikes of 2019?).

While worries about the coronavirus now dominate, the problem of climate change hasn’t gone away. It’s an issue that can’t be fixed by a vaccine and one that will continue to ...

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