Shabnam Ahmed

The damaging myths about pupil premium students

When teachers make assumptions about pupil premium students being disengaged or lacking in parental support, we are the ones who are holding them back, writes Shabnam Ahmed

Disadvantaged students: Why teachers need to ditch the myths about pupil premium children in schools

When I think back to beginning my teacher training, I vividly remember being warned about pupil premium students. They were disengaged, low-attaining and lacking in parental support, I was told, so I should expect the worst from them.

And so, when I began to plan my first lessons, I took this into account. I made sure that all pupil premium students had printouts of the homework and banks of key words. I offered them an opportunity to complete homework with me at lunchtime. I made sure that these students sat at the front of the class and that they were always marked on my seating plans. I ...

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