James Biddulph

How can schools build a post-Covid curriculum?


While teachers may disagree about the extent of the educational change in the past 12 months, most recognise that the pandemic dramatically moved the goalposts. Now, says James Biddulph, schools will need a more flexible approach to curriculum design – and a clearer sense of purpose – if they are to better meet students’ needs and future-proof their learning

How schools can build a post-Covid curriculum

Here’s a question that every person working in education will have an answer to: what makes a good curriculum? You wouldn’t get the same answer from everyone you asked but people would definitely have an opinion.

There will be those who agree with Amanda Spielman, chief inspector for schools, that a curriculum needs to be “broad and balanced”. Others might argue that a curriculum should be “knowledge-rich”, or cite the 2010 Cambridge Primary Review, which recommended that the primary curriculum reflect schools’ contexts and communities. There would be plenty of other views, too.

At first ...

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