Edward Sealy

How to make sure your teachers don't burn out

Demands on staff can quickly pile up as well-meaning initiatives trickle down from the SLT. It’s up to middle leaders to manage expectations and keep their team’s workloads in check, writes Edward Sealy

Teacher workload stress: How school leaders can save their teachers from burnout

In my first year as head of department, I made many mistakes. Most of these were harmless, and while I might look back on some of them and cringe, I’m certainly not losing sleep over them. Yet there is one mistake that I’m determined never to commit again: failing to protect my team from the stresses of the job.

Across the country, teachers face ever-increasing workload pressures and we are haemorrhaging talented teachers from the profession. According to a survey conducted earlier this year by the NEU teaching union, more than a third of teachers said they were “confident” they would not ...

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