Maria Williamson

How to tackle gangs (in school leadership)


Senior leaders operate in two ways – they are either ‘groups’ or ‘gangs’, according to one theory. Gangs develop out of fear and can be devastating, spreading anxiety through school – but there are steps you can take to make things right, says Maria Williamson

How to tackle gangs (in school leadership)

It’s 7.15am and the Year 4 teacher is in school even earlier than usual. He wants to make sure that everything is perfect before the senior leadership team’s planned learning walk.

But the morning gets off to a bad start. He opens his computer to find that the headteacher has already emailed to say that she walked past his classroom yesterday and saw that the sink area was “not acceptable”.

In what other job would overturned cups cause such heightened anxiety? The Year 4 teacher can’t help feeling that the leadership team are always out to get him – they are little more than a gang of ...

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