Simon Creasey

Leaders: how often should you walk the school corridors?

As leader, you don’t want to micromanage staff by constantly patrolling the corridors and dropping into classrooms, but nor do you want to seem aloof and unapproachable. So, how can you strike the right balance? Simon Creasey investigates

How often should you walk the corridors?

When was the last time you walked through the corridors of your school or department, popping into classes and greeting those you met?

Your answer matters: it could cast you as a control freak, micromanaging those who work for you, or as aloof and unappreciative of others. Alternatively, if you’ve got the frequency just right, you could be hailed as the greatest boss on earth. So, what do you need to know to help you achieve the right balance between being seen and letting teachers get on with it?

1. It’s not enough just to be seen

As you might have guessed, not going out of your ...

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