John Cunnane

Tes Quiz: 1 October 2021

Pit your wits against Tes’ weekly general knowledge quiz

Tes Quiz: 1 October 2021

1. Who was the lead singer of the band Miami Sound Machine?

2. What ancient unit of length is defined as the measurement from the tip of the middle finger to the end of the elbow?

3. The Sammarinese are native to which European country?

4. Great Britain’s Sarah Storey is a multiple gold medal winner in cycling and which other Paralympic sport?

5. What name is given to a male otter?

6. Born 1 October 1930 in Limerick, who originated the role of Professor Dumbledore in the Harry Potter film series?

7. Rush, Bamboo and Guilty are all fragrances from which fashion house?

8. On ...

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