Irena Barker

Tutoring: will the NTP help students ‘catch up’?


A government catch-up scheme aims to give tutoring to hundreds of thousands of pupils who otherwise might never have experienced it. But how successful will the programme be in helping children to make up for lost time? Irena Barker looks at the evidence on the impact of different kinds of tutoring

Covid and schools: What will the impact of the National Tutoring Programme be?

Parents have known for generations that a good tutor can be worth their weight in gold. One-on-one or small-group tuition has long been used to help children get into selective schools, to pass exams or to “keep up” in lessons.

Until recently, the children who benefited from tutoring were largely those with parents who could afford to pay for it. But now, as Covid recovery efforts get under way, tutoring is being touted as a vital tool in helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds make up for the time they lost in the classroom.

The new National Tutoring Programme (NTP), which ...

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