John Morgan

What’s the point of school?


The impact of the Covid pandemic has led many in teaching to look again at their profession and ponder some big questions: are children being taught what they need to know? What is education actually for? And how should we measure its true value? John Morgan goes in search of the answers

What is the purpose of schools and education?

Why do we need to learn this?” It is a question that has interrupted many lessons. Until recently, there has always been a reliable answer to fall back on: “Because it’s on the exam.”

But this year, “because it’s on the exam” hasn’t been an option, so it may have been trickier for teachers to avoid being drawn into discussions about what exactly the point is of this lesson on the subjunctive tense/Newton’s laws/Death of a Salesman.

And although the middle of your lesson might not be the appropriate time to have it, the pandemic has shown us that this is an important discussion to have.


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