Kate Parker

Why the launch of T levels has been tough for colleges


Delivering the government’s new ‘gold standard’ T levels was always going to be a tall order for FE colleges but the switch to online learning during lockdown – and the impact that has had on learners – has added another layer of difficulty to the process, finds Kate Parker

Technical education: Why introducing T levels during Covid has been tough for FE colleges

If you were going to make a list of the challenges that colleges have faced this year, you’d be spoiled for choice. There was the switch to online learning, the chaos of cancelled exams and ongoing concern about “lost learning”, to name just a few. But there has been another challenge that some teachers in further education have been dealing with on top of all the above: delivering the government’s new “gold-standard” qualification for technical education, the T level.

The word “challenge” comes up often in discussions about T levels. Since they were first introduced in Philip Hammond’s ...

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