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Another future

I read with interest Michael Barber's article "The next horizon" (TES, April 13). Readers may find it constructive to compare his vision with that contained in Chance of a Lifetime by Jonathan Langdale and myself.

This advocates personal education for 14 to 18-year-olds outside the institution of school altogether, once pupils have passed a school leaving certificate (a recognition of competence, not an academic examination). Our aim is to start a debate about giving real choice and opportunity to the many young people for whom the pursuit of academic subjects is neither beneficial to them nor productive for society as a whole.

Professor Barber's advocacy of chains of schools to increase choice goes some way towards our goal but is still an institutional solution with all the focus on the performance of the school rather than developing the unique mixture of talents and abilities (mainly non-academic) within each young person.

Your readers might care to visit our website for more information.


John Harrison Iden, East Sussex

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