Banned: Teacher sent student sexually explicit videos

Teacher who invited student for dinner at his home and asked she wear her school uniform has been banned permanently

Claudia Civinini

banned teacher

A teacher who sent sexually explicit videos to a student and asked her to attend school without tights or underwear has been banned from the profession permanently.

Anthony Shaw, who has not admitted to the allegations, has been found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct by a panel of the Teaching Regulation Agency.

Mr Shaw has not admitted the allegations or that they amount to unacceptable professional conduct and behaviour that may bring the profession into disrepute.

He was employed at Morecambe High School as a maths teacher from September 2006 to December 2013.

At some point between the years 2008 and 2010, a student confided in Mr Shaw regarding her boyfriend. Pupil A, as the report refers to her, attended the school from September 2007 to 2010, and then from 2011 to attend sixth form.

Mr Shaw added her on Facebook and MSN, and they started exchanging messages.

Mr Shaw sent messages commenting on Pupil A’s appearance and calling her “pretty”, and others in which he made sexual innuendos about her riding a horse and sitting on a saddle.

Teacher asked student to attend school without underwear

The report also refers to allegations that he sent videos of himself and/or another male masturbating, and asked her if she enjoyed watching them. The teacher also allegedly requested that Pupil A come into school without tights or underwear, and invited her to his house for dinner and asked her to wear her school uniform.

Pupil A, who gave evidence to the panel, was found to be a credible witness. The report notes that she gave evidence on the matter on a number of occasions during a period of almost 10 years, and that her account had remained consistent.

Around September 2012, Pupil A made a comment to another teacher about Mr Shaw, and on 27 September 2012, she reported the events to the same teacher and the deputy headteacher.

The school made a referral to the local authority designated officer and Mr Shaw was arrested and interviewed by the police. He was released without charge.

Mr Shaw then worked in two schools. One of them, Lakes School, became aware of the allegations, began an investigation and referred the matter to the TRA. Mr Shaw resigned on 12 June 2019.

The TRA report notes that Mr Shaw did not provide an explanation for his denial of the allegations, apart from an undated witness statement in which Mr Shaw said that a "false allegation” was made against him by “a girl” who is later identified in his statement as being Pupil A.

He did not explain why he believed she made false allegations against him, and the panel found there was no evidence to suggest Pupil A had an ulterior motive.

The panel recommended a ban with a five-year review period.

The report reads: “[The panel] ultimately concluded that whilst there was sexual misconduct present in this matter, it was not at the most serious end of the spectrum.”

However, decision maker Sarah Buxcey decided that a permanent ban would be more appropriate.

She wrote in the report: ”In reaching my decision regarding a review period and taking into account that the panel considered Mr Shaw’s conduct was done either in pursuit of sexual gratification or in pursuit of a sexual relationship and the fact that Mr Shaw had sent one or more sexually explicit videos to Pupil A and made sexual innuendos.

“There was a lack of evidence to demonstrate insight or remorse to prevent behaviour of this type recurring in the future and no evidence as to Mr Shaw’s ability and history as a teacher.

"I feel that the panel have given too much weight to the fact that there was no physical contact with the pupil.”


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